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EBE is the leading provider of integrated document and content management, workflow and business process automation applications designed specifically for the transportation and logistics industry. Through a "management by exception" approach, SHIPS has helped nearly 550 transportation companies automate repetitive labor intensive operational tasks to deliver more accurate processes, reduced labor costs, unparalleled customer service and increased profitability. 

The development of EBE's enterprise solution SHIPS, evolved from EBE's expertise in imaging and transportation specific workflow applications.  SHIPS applications are configured to automate tasks to include financials, logistics, recruiting, safety and compliance and driver performance.  All of these applications are designed to co-exist and integrate with a carriers existing dispatch, accounting, imaging, mobile communications or other third party system.   Learn more by clicking on any of our solutions below.


- Billing
- Auto Billing
- Settlements
- Collections
- Pre-Dispatch
- Detention Mgt.
- Short Pay
- Accounts Payable
- Web-Portal Integration
- Carrier Qualification
- CSA BASIC Monitors
- Carrier Packet
- Carrier On Boarding
- Carrier File Management
- Rate Confirmations
- Carrier Web Portal
- Carrier Scorecard
- Billing & Settlements
- Dispatch Integration
- CSA/ PSP Dashboard
- Driver Qualification Files
- Roadside Inspections
- Log Violations
- Training
- Driving Standards
- Mobilecomm Integration
- Driver Scorecard
- Driver Portal
- Learning Management
- On-line Employment   Application
- Electronic Signature
- Applicant Portal
- Applicant Qualification
- Background Reports
- PSP Integration
- Employment Verifications
- Document Check-In
- On-Demand Orientation
- Driver File Integration

Order LifeCycle

EBE’s Content Management and Process Workflow applications offer expanded functionality beyond that of which traditional document management solutions offer in the way of processing delivery documents for the purpose of reducing DSO and settling with drivers more quickly. While those processes are important, SHIPS Financials Solutions automate the many processes within the Order LifeCycle that take place before an order number is assigned to a move within a dispatch system.

SHIPS Order LifeCycle Workflow applications will provide your company with benefits such as:

  • Consistency in order turn down and acceptance
  • More informed decision making with management reporting
  • Increased dispatcher productivity
  • Elimination of lost paper documents
  • Improved customer satisfaction
  • Increased profitability

  • Items in green represent the Order LifeCycle processes automated with SHIPS Financials applications

Invoice LifeCycle

EBE goes beyond the traditional functionality you typically find managing the processes involved with generating timely and accurate invoices as well as tracking and processing payments received. Most imaging solutions are limited to storing a copy of the invoice and supporting documents then exporting them to the shipper. While, this functionality provides a tremendous advantage to a carrier; it leaves many aspects of the accounts receivable and payable process to be completed manually.

The graphic below represents the processes SHIPS Process Manager and Dynamic workflow applications automate to achieve the benefits of:

  • Reduced Labor Costs
  • Decreased Days Sales Outstanding (DSO)
  • Elimination of Duplicate Payments
  • Improved Accessorial Reimbursement
  • Improved Customer Satisfaction


  • Items in Green represent the Invoice LifeCycle processes automated with SHIPS Financials Solutions

Logistics Management LifeCycle

SHIPS Logistics Management LifeCycle workflow applications manage the needs of brokers, 3PL’s and other transportation companies operating logistics divisions within their organizations. It is designed to manage the end to end processes associated with the management and processing of carriers within the logistics network. From qualifying and on boarding carriers, interfacing with FMCSA to monitor safety scores and document compliance to automating rate confirmations, providing shipment status and generating invoices and settlements, SHIPS will minimize or eliminate the daunting manual tasks associated with operating an efficient and profitable logistics operation.

Logistics providers experience the following benefits with SHIPS applications including:

  • On-boarding qualified carriers more quickly
  • Increased potential for selling more profitable loads
  • Increased broker productivity
  • Improved shipper and carrier satisfaction

  • Items in Green represent the Logistic Management LifeCycle processes automated with SHIPS Logistics applications.

Driver Lifecycle

EBE offers a complete end-to-end solution to manage all driver related activities. SHIPS Recruiting workflow application provides a, standardized, paperless approach to qualifying, performing background checks  and on-boarding the best drivers as quickly as possible. Once on-boarded, EBE’s CSA Dashboard and Safety and Compliance workflows monitor the driver’s roadside inspection and violation activity, driver qualification files, training, DVIR compliance and even driver performance data such as mpg, idle time and hard braking.   Providing alerts to out of standard behavior and automatically assigning corrective activities and tracking those activities through completion allows managers to spend more time with drivers and less time looking for at risk behavior. And, all of this information is rolled up into one single driver scorecard eliminating the need for managers to retrieve information from various websites, databases or spreadsheets to get a 360o view of the driver. 

Driver Management solutions have helped companies achieve the following benefits:

  • Hire qualified drivers more quickly while reducing less labor costs 
  • Improve driver retention
  • Identify and react to at risk behavior & improving regulatory compliance
  • Improve company and driver CSA BASIC safety scores
  • Operate a safer and more profitable fleet