Pre-Dispatch Workflow



Did you know that most of the largest For Hire carriers receive at least 30% of their load tenders via Fax, E-mail or the Web....NOT EDI? 

As a trend, the smaller the carrier, the fewer the number of load tender transactions they receive through EDI. The reality is that most mid to small size shippers continue to rely on the more common methods of communication such as fax, email and web.

Manual Processes lead to Missed Opportunities  

The perception that most companies have implemented EDI capabilities within their ERP systems to manage all load tenders is not reality. In fact, because many small to medium sized companies do not have ERP systems, they tend to manage the process in a manual, labor intensive and often inefficient method.

Load tenders managed manually present enormous potential for missed opportunities. It can cause unnecessary delays in accepting load tenders, increased staffing and data entry levels and delays in communication of load status to the shipper.


 All Loads Monitored - All the Time! 

SHIPS Pre-Dispatch workflow solution has a constant pulse on all load tenders regardless of the communication method. Whether they are received by fax, e-mail or web, SHIPS receives the load tenders, extracts and interprets the delivery data using an OCR - based forms processing application, then creates either an EDI load tender transaction or enters a file directly into the dispatching system once the load tender is approved.

As a result of this type of automation, carriers are positioned to reduce customer service staffing levels, eliminate data entry errors, automate load status to shippers and provide visibility to turn down.


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