Web Portal Integration

More than ever, shippers and intermediaries are shifting the data entry labor burden to their transportation providers. Even those providers linked by EDI transitions are forced to re-enter data into websites. In an industry known for high operating costs, this data entry process increases costs and will delay payment should data be keyed incorrectly.


Send Data Workflow

EBE SHIPS Web Portal Integration Send Data Workflow Solution significantly reduces the amount of time your staff spends entering data into websites and improves data accuracy.  Our Web Portal Integration workflow solution uses the data contained in your accounting and dispatching system to populate the related fields on a given website.  By leveraging existing data, speed is limited only by upload times. Through this process, errors that can lead to payment delays and other operational bottlenecks are eliminated.

Select Data Workflow

The Web Portal Integration Select Data Workflow Solution is also able to receive data from websites to update your dispatching and accounting systems.  For example, if a load confirmation number is needed in order for a shipment to be dispatched, the data needed to create the load confirmation number is entered into the website. Once entered, the load confirmation number SHIPS automatically captures the data from the website and places it into the dispatching system to be sent to the driver through mobile communication or manual dispatch.


Website Monitoring

The Web Portal Integration Monitor Website Workflow Solution monitors websites for data that matches a specific profile.  For example, perimeters may be set to search load boards that identify desirable freight loads based on lane, weight, and/or type.  If all the set criteria are met, SHIPS will accept the load or move the transaction into a pre-dispatch workflow for review and acceptance.  By automating the load discovery process, SHIPS lets you identify and accept freight before the competition.



SHIPS Web Portal Integration Workflow Solutions can be used for a variety of applications including integration to and from freight payment services, carrier safety sites, driver recruiting/background verification sites, other carriers' sites, government website providing permits for heavy haulers, load boards and websites of shippers requiring a drop code.

The Website Portal Integration application may be configured to interface with most websites and dispatching systems that provide a Microsoft Open Database Connectivity (ODBC) interface. In fact, because of our history in the industry, EBE already has existing interfaces into most of the leading shippers and intermediary providers. 

If images of specific documents are required for documentation, there is an option within the website Select Data Entry workflow solution to provide those as well.

Key Benefits:

  • Automates the manual process of data entry and validation of data that resides in websites with data that resides in carriers or logistics dispatch and/or accounting systems
  •  As data is received from websites, through integration with accounting and dispatching systems, flags are set to perform functions within these systems to begin or conclude processes
  • Provides multiple workflow applications- these workflows may include sending needed documents for a payment status or send data into an OS&D workflow for claims
  • Reduces payment delays or other operational bottlenecks by eliminating data entry errors
  • Improves customer service by increasing speed and accuracy of operations