Automated Data Entry Software - OCR/OMR

SHIPS Automated Data Entry reduces the time, energy, and errors associated with manual data entry process. SHIPS Automated Data Entry integrates truck stop and in-cab scanning providers, email, local scans and faxes. This dynamic solution reads hand print, optical marks, and laser print to automatically index documents with data contained within the document and your dispatching system. Data that does not meet strict thresholds are made available to be reviewed by a data entry operator. EBE's clients are realizing up-to 95% accuracy when utilizing automated data entry. By reviewing only 5% of the data, invoices and settlements occur more quickly and more accurately, providing improved DSO and driver satisfaction. SHIPS Automated Data Entry Workflow Solutions interfaces to SHIPS Document Imaging Solutions and the other document imaging systems being used in the transportation industry. For a partial list of document imaging systems our current customers have been using please visit our partners webpage or visit our software integration capabilities page. 

jKey Benefits of Automated Data Entry:
  • Eliminate errors from mis-keyed data, reducing related payment delays
  • Streamline error-resolution process
  • Automated workflow accelerates the billing cycle

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