eSolution Series Webinar Schedule



2015 Calendar

(all webinars begin at 1:30pm central time unless otherwise noted)


  Upcoming Webinars





  SHIPS Financials: Gain More Control of your Purchasing and Cash Management Practices from PO to Payment March 12th
  Connect Mobile Capture: Positively Impact Driver Retention with a Mobile Capture Strategy March 26th


  SHIPS Driver Management: Optimize Safety & Compliance and Driver Performance Practices to Reduce Turnover April 30th
  SHIPS Carrier Management: Increase Carrier Qualification Turnaround Times with combined EBE/DAT Integrated Solution TBD



  HireRight/EBE Separation Portal: Automate the Employment Contribution and Driver Separation Process May 14th


  Pre-Dispatch Workflow: Improve the Management of Non-EDI Load Tenders including Fax, Email and Web-based Orders June 4th