Logistics Management Software Solutions (patent pending)


SHIPS Logistics Management Workflow Solution manages the needs of brokers, 3PL’s and other transportation companies operating logistics divisions within their organizations. It is designed to manage the end-to-end processes associated with the management and processing of carriers within the logistics network. From qualifying and on-boarding carriers, interfacing with FMCSA to monitor safety scores and document compliance to automating rate confirmations, providing shipment status and generating invoices and settlements, SHIPS will minimize or eliminate the daunting manual tasks associated with operating an efficient and profitable logistics operation. Your agents can spend more time selling loads than shuffling paperwork! 


SHIPS Logistics Management Solution provides end-to-end functionality including:


Carrier Qualification *Patented 2013


Carrier Qualification begins with a web portal that is configured on a 3PL’s website or used in their call center when interested carriers call in. The information gathered during this process is used to interface into FMCSA and other safety or financial websites to gather the safety and financial information necessary to determine additional information from the web portal includes: equipment type, lanes served and mobile communication capabilities.   


Shipper's CSA Dashboard - NEW


This solution offers shippers and logistics providers complete visibility to safety and insurance information of either carriers within their network or potential carriers they would like to consider. Shippers can filter carriers by carrier type, cargo type, truck count and vehicle miles traveled. Searches can also be performed by CSA percentile.  Comparisons between carriers by fleet type (Hazmat, Passenger, Other) can also be executed.  Monitors are set for each carrier based on thresholds of acceptable percentiles and insurance ratings.  If a carrier does not meet the shipper's minimum requirements, the shipper is notified via workflow and alerts.


Carrier Packet


Carriers that meet the shippers qualifications will automatically be sent a carrier packet via paper, fax, email or web form.  Returned forms are auto indexed eliminating the need for manual entry and checking in of required documents. 


Carrier On-Boarding


The carrier on-boarding application creates a document check in application for carrier packets that have been issued. Auto Indexing checks in each document type by carrier while reminder emails are sent  to the carrier if the documents are not received by a given date or if the packet comes back incomplete. When all documents are received, a carrier file is created and the carrier code is sent to dispatch. Expiration dates on documents are captured during the indexing process and are transferred to the dispatch system eliminating the need for redundant data entry.  


Carrier File Management


Expiration dates for carrier documents are automatically monitored to insure that only compliant carriers are assigned loads, protecting the secure delivery of your customer's freight.  A carrier can be placed on non-dispatch status for freight claims, expired documents, unsatisfactory safety score, insurance cancellation or falling below standards on any criteria being monitored.  A carrier will be notified of expirations or non-compliance depending on the activity level of that carrier in the network.  For example, if a carrier has only been used for a spot move, then a notification of an expired document may not be sent.  However, for active carriers within the network, notifications are sent to the carrier indicating a timeline necessary to continue to do business with that shipper/ logistics provider.  


Rate Confirmation Management


The rate confirmation documents are printed to the SHIPS application and is exported via fax, email or web form. The carrier or owner operator may then sign the contract with an electronic signature and send through the internet, fax or email.  If the carrier requires contracts to be returned by a specified time, SHIPS will email the carrier to remind them the contract is expiring. If the contract expires or another contract is sent to another carrier, a notification is sent to the previous carrier alerting them that the contract has expired.  If the contract is returned and has an expired status, it is placed in an expired workflow queue and not processed further.   When a contract is returned, via fax or email, the contract is auto indexed and placed in workflow queue ready for dispatch.  


Carrier Scorecard


The carrier scorecard provides a single view snapshot as to how the carrier is performing beyond the basic safety and insurance information. Although information to be monitored may be tailored to the broker or shipper's specific needs, SHIPS standard metrics include: rate confirmations not returned, average length of time to return, late pick or deliveries, current safety score, adverse activities from pick-up or delivery form, average time to return POD documents, missing POD documents and incorrect freight bills.


Billing & Settlements


Once deliveries are complete, SHIPS Logistics Management Solution integrates to SHIPS Financial applications to complete the billing and settlement process.  SEE SHIPS Financials for details on all Accounts Receivable and Payable workflow applications.