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SHIPS Driver Recruiting & Recruiting For Web Workflow Solutions standardize and automate the repetitive activities within your recruiting department to position your company for the greatest degree of success in hiring qualified drivers more quickly and efficiently. The importance of qualifying drivers to your company specifications while adhering to regulatory policy and EEO practices is critical in your efforts. With workflow, your company is assured of executing a consistent process to assess and on-board every single applicant. Once the driver has accepted an offer, a driver file is created and all of the information and documents obtained during the hiring process is then exported to your enterprise systems for driver management. There is no need for re-keying or scanning of this information saving countless hours of data entry and redundancies associated with printing, scanning and copying documents. Using a carrier’s specific business rules and processes SHIPS Recruiting software addresses each of the major hiring and qualification steps taken by recruiting and safety departments including:

      • Application     
      • On-Demand Orientation
      • Reporting 

SHIPS Web based application provides the means for drivers to submit their background information, work history, licenses, accidents and any additional items necessary to initially qualify the applicant. Throughout the application process the data is validated for accuracy as well as provides additional questions or documents to complete based on responses from the driver. To speed up the process of requesting background reports and employment verifications, an internet digital signature capability is built into the application so that drivers can authorize the release of background information upon submission. If a driver does not have availability to the internet, the SHIPS recruiting software provides options to process faxed, emailed or printed applications.

Drivers are immediately provided with feedback from the initial submission of the application as to whether they were approved for processing or do not meet the minimum company requirements. Through a web portal, the driver has the ability to view the status of their application throughout the qualification and hiring process. In addition to eliminating many of the phone calls in the recruiting department, the portal immediately establishes a direct communication link between your company and the driver.

Qualification - *Patented 2013
The Qualification phase accepts or rejects applicants based on carrier defined standards. Applicant ranking and status is a determined by either the points accumulated from the application process or detection of specific behavior such as criminal activity or DUI conviction. Applicants are then color coded and moved into workflow based on assigned status. Applicants meeting the highest standards are coded green; those that fall below the acceptable range are coded red and hidden from the active applicant workflow. Applicants are coded yellow and moved to a review status if they don’t score high enough to be considered a good applicant, but not poor enough to be disqualified. Applicants can also be moved into a “soft DQ status” when certain criteria is not met at the current time, such as age or number of years of experience. This group of applicants can be kept in the forefront and brought back to the active candidate pool when requirements are met.

SHIPS also qualifies equipment Owner/Operators, Drivers and Fleet Owners are assessed on their driving experience as well as the criteria set for equipment type. Parallel workflows are executed for both the vehicle and the driver and are qualified based on the assessment of both.
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Background Verification

Background Reports

During background verification SHIPS generates requests for MVRs, CDLIS, Criminal reports and any other reports required by the carrier to evaluate the applicant.  Through direct integration to third-party background report service providers such as HireRight, Driver iQ and Asurint, the system automatically reads and interprets the data on the reports, searching for keywords that would potentially disqualify the driver as well as compares that information to what the driver provided during the application process.  Based on the results, the reports are color coded and processors are notified of their return.  Images of the reports are logged in to the Document archive and are available for viewing. 

Pre-employment Screening Program (PSP)

PSP reports are requested through integration with NIC. Once again, the data from the reports is reviewed and measured against the carrier’s business rules. Keywords or criteria such as number of jobs, accidents or violations may be used to qualify the applicant. Additionally, if the carrier is using EBE’s CSA Dashboard to monitor its drivers’ BASIC percentiles, the system can generate a “pseudo” CSA applicant scorecard comparing his performance to the company’s drivers.

Employment Verifications

Employment verification forms are automatically faxed, emailed or sent via mail to carriers based on the references provided by the applicant.  A carrier database is maintained and used as the reference to determine the preferred contact method to deliver the forms.  A bar-coded form is generated and sent to the carrier with the information from the driver pre-populated on the form as well as his signature which was captured during the application process.  When the form is faxed back, the system reads the barcode to check the document in and route it to the appropriate processor for review.  The system will automatically send second and third requests to carriers that have not returned the forms by the defined time.
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Document Check-In/On-Boarding
During the On-Boarding/Document Check-In phase driver files are validated to insure all information is received. Required documents are aligned with workflow processes. The system assures that all documents required for each task are received before allowing the applicant to move forward in the process. The document check-in is done automatically requiring no manual intervention. The bar-coding functionality built into SHIPS provides for this capability. As documents are received via fax or scanned in, the system reads the data embedded in the barcode to determine the driver and document type. All documents and any other activity or movement of the applicant is date and time stamped, offering complete audit trail capabilities. All gathered documents are stored in the SHIPS viewer and are accessible directly through the recruiting software.
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On-Demand Orientation
On-Demand Orientation is a paperless, self-paced orientation process that provides carriers the ability to present orientation documents to drivers electronically. Instead of filling out countless pieces of paper that require much of the data that has been received throughout the hiring process, the system presents web pages where drivers need only provide the variable information for each form. When the forms are completed, the data can then be exported to the appropriate enterprise systems such as dispatch, HR, payroll, etc. An electronic image is also created of each page to be stored as part of the driver’s file. This eliminates the need to rekey, scan or copy documents as well as speeds up the process of completing these forms since only the variable information needs to be provided.
Additionally, an administrative summary board is presented to the processors and orientation leads to monitor and audit the completion of each form. Through the use of a forms manager tool carriers have the ability to create and edit forms whenever necessary.
The On-Demand Orientation application offers carriers the opportunity of shortening the overall on site orientation time.  Because the forms can be made available to the driver through the applicant web portal, drivers can access and complete these documents prior to arriving at orientation. Less time in the classroom means they will be on the road delivering loads sooner!
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NEW - LMS (Learning Management System)

The Learning Management System (LMS) allows carriers to create their own training program that includes both in-house and third-party content. Users are provided with a framework to embed internally developed training videos, PowerPoint presentations and randomized tests. Those carriers using content providers such as Instructional Technologies ProTread and Vertical Alliance Infiniti solutions may also be integrated into the solution as part of the training program. The implementation of the LMS System has saved companies more than a day of work per week, allowing the staff to spend more time in the classrooms.

As part of EBE's portfolio of Recruiting and Driver Management Solutions, the LMS System complements the On-Demand Orientation, Safety & Compliance and Driver Performance applications. When used in conjunction with SHIPS On-Demand Orientation application, the LMS allows applicants to shorten their time in the classroom by reviewing content such as company policies, procedures and CSA information prior to arriving at orientation. Applied to SHIPS Driver Performance Solutions, data from mobile communication devices, dispatch systems, and the Compass Portal trigger the scheduling of specific training events that comply with a carrier's driver intervention processes. The LMS system can also be configured to generate tests and updates based on endorsement certifications and qualifications ensuring driver compliance.
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SHIPS Recruiting software provides full reporting functionality. Since all information gathered is treated as data, all activities are date and time stamped, and all images are automatically stored, reports can be generated to track virtually any trend, list or result. Examples of common reports include recruiter productivity, new hires per week/month, lead source, time to hire, weekly orientation lists, disqualified status analysis, zip code or regional analysis and more. A standard list of reports is available as part of the SHIPS software. 
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NEW - ARMS (Applicant Relationship Management)
EBE’s newest addition to SHIPS Recruiting software is the Applicant Relationship Management System (ARMS). As an add-on module to SHIPS Recruiting, ARMS automates the communication process with previous applicants and past drivers who maintain the potential for future employment. Every applicant or previous driver who is assigned a "re-contact" status in SHIPS Recruiting software will automatically receive correspondence from the company. The communication plan, including frequency and method, such as emails, postcards, faxes or phone calls, will be determined by the individuals' re-contact status.

This system manages the entire process automatically. The tedious manual attention typically required to execute such aggressive marketing strategies is minimized – allowing recruiters' efforts to focus on identifying and processing active candidates. ARMS positions carriers to build relationships with drivers in an effort to develop, maintain and communicate with a larger pool of potential applicants. 
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