Transportation Software Solutions - Real Companies with Real Results

Increased Productivity

“Our business has doubled since we installed SHIPS. It has allowed us to free up employees for other tasks.” – Joe Dohrn, IS Director, Dohrn Transfer

Real Time Results


“With SHIPS, all areas of the company have information they need to process paperwork immediately.” – Mike Dombroski, Billing and Settlement Manager, National Van Lines

Reduced Overhead

“The transaction volume is up 100% and we are managing it with less people and greater control.” – Chris Checca, Infrastructure Engineer, Packard Logistics

Gains in Productivity & Improved Cash Flow

“We use to struggle to have our weekly statements and invoices out the door by Tuesday afternoon. With SHIPS, we are finished early Monday afternoon.” – Dennis Houser, MIS Manager, J.P. Donmoyer

Grow Without Adding Staff

“With SHIPS we achieved 20% growth in revenue and number of trucks without the addition of any new office staff.” – Curt Morehouse, Office Manager, W.N. Morehouse Truck Line

Compelling ROI

“SHIPS replaced an existing imaging application and we still had a nine month ROI. Job well done EBE!” – John Elliason, IS Manager, Mercer Transportation

Improved Customer Service

“The availability of real time information through SHIPS helps Farruggio’s provide better customer service and improved satisfaction. We have also been able to grow without adding more staff.” – Jennifer Farruggio, Farruggio's Express