Driver Performance Workflow Solutions

On Time Delivery

This workflow monitors on time delivery performance of drivers.  The workflow requires integration with carrier dispatch systems to monitor this data.  Drivers can be scored and positive or negative activities can be executed based on identified behavior.  Driver performance data is then compared to the entire fleet performance giving visibility to this data through the driver web portal.

Driving Performance (requires mobile communications)

Workflows are generated through the monitoring of truck specific data received via carriers’ mobile communications devices.   Performance data such as idle time, rapid acceleration/deceleration, fuel usage, distance traveled, over speed time and idle fuel used are all data provided through Qualcomm and PeopleNet web services. Collection of this data provides for MPG scores to be calculated, rankings among the fleet and workflows to be executed based on results and points posted to driver’s scorecards.


Driver behavior as it relates to customer service is monitored, assessed and acted upon based on customer service input.  Both positive and negative behavior is tracked as shippers provide feedback to the carrier regarding driver’s conduct.   Depending on the type of feedback received, the system will assign either positive or negative points to the driver and may generate company defined events, such as bonus payouts, letters of recognition or warning.